Ipads in schools

  • What are iPads?

iPads are what we call tablet computers. The first iPad was released in 2010. Today, the fourth-generation iPad is sold in many stores. This device is multi-functional. In fact, it can shoot videos, take photos, play music, and permit internet navigation (and so much more). The touch screen makes it fun and easy to use. In fact, many schools have been purchasing those for different their classes, but the questions remains : should we permit the use of iPads in class?

After reading several articles on why to have or why not to have iPads in school, I finally made my mind up.

Why permit the use of iPads in class

Ipads are engaging, intriguing and fun. Everything is literally at the tip of your finger. You need to look up or word? Forget the dictionary, just tap the word with your finger. You can record the teacher’s class (if your the sleepy kind), and you can even look up more info on what your teacher’s teaching (history will have no secrets for you). Those tablets have more than 20,000 educational apps available. Apple calls the iPad the new textbook (colourful, entertaining with videos, and up to date). Kids that don’t even go to school yet start to count, write and read when using the iPad! According to a  study conducted in Maine, using iPads boosts test scores. They even make students enthused about learning. It is a new step in the educational world maybe reducing the percentage of drop-outs! You can even play piano on the iPad when using garage band. Therefore, learning is unlimited. They are tutorials for everything on youtube that you watch from your iPad.

  • Why failing to use the iPads in class 

Ipads are sometimes over demanded. In fact, people that think of using iPads like they use computers will be disappointed. iPads fail to open word documents. Plus, even if it’s a current problem, Apple fails to run Javascript and flash player (which is a huge problem due to the fact that the internet is full of it ). They are very easy to break too. Dropping a textbook does no damage, but dropping a iPad makes you 500$ poorer. Teachers are scared that students will become dependant of the iPad, meaning they won’t function without it.

Ipads are underused. In fact, some teachers (due to the lack of  “technological” initiative) tend to use the iPad in the worst way. Teachers that do not know how to use the iPads have difficulty with them. Therefore, iPad classes should been given to teachers so they can use them to their whole potential…rather than just using them like ebooks. When school invest in iPads they should also invest in courses for the teachers. Therefore, teachers will know how to deal with the new system and will adjust their teaching to the new technology.

  • My own pro’s and con’s

Even though I love apple products, I have to admit apple keeps  popping new products even though they should really concentrate on one to make it better. It is only frustrating to buy a brand new iPad when suddenly, 2 weeks later, a newer and better version is out. Therefore, schools that purchase hundreds of them are soon outdated in the technological world.

Moreover, we need to prepare teachers. If the teachers fail to teach with the iPad, what is he or she going to look like to the eyes of the students?

Plus, you can’t even see more than one page at a time. Very frustrating when you are trying to write something but you need to research it at the same.

However, it is ideal to write e-mails and to twit. Watching videos, reading books, and taking picture can be done so simply. You need a book? Look it up, purchase it, and read it; all that without going anywhere.

In the end, I think it would very good to have iPads in class. We could follow the teachers notes from our iPads and annotate when needed. It would definitely help students (like me) that have a horrible time writing on paper. Notes will be clear and auto-corrected. The iPad is all about creating an fun learning environment. Students will have fun discovering the device and will learn by doing. IPads will soon become the norm.
Pratical apps for education!

iMovie: add video, photos, music and sound effects and trim the length of any clip. You can create trailers with immersive graphics and original scores, build polished projects with themes, record and edit soundtracks.

Creative Book Builder: add paragraphs, images, videos, audio recording and links. You can also add page breaks with chapters, change font and preview in iBooks.

GarageBand: turns your iPad into a collection of touch instruments and a full-featured recording studio. Play pianos, organs, guitars, drums and basses, which sound and play like their counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument.

Strip Designer: create comic strips using photos from your photo album. Select one of many page templates and insert photos, add balloons with words and add additional symbols to spice up a story.

Explain Everything: easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate and narrate explanations and presentations. Create interactive lessons, activities, assessments and tutorials.

Skitch: use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation on photos, screenshots, maps and web
pages then share them.

Videoscribe: create animated videos that replicate the stop-motion capture style of drawings that’s so popular on commercials.

SonicPics: turns your images into a custom slideshow movie. Add voiceover narrating your image as you swipe through them.

Brushes: features advanced colour pickets, several realistic brushes, multiple layers, extreme zooming and a simple interface. Records all your actions when painting.

I Can Animate: capture frames using the in build camera, displays onion skinning, undo support, preview whole projects and then add to an iMovie project for a really polished movie.



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